Guidance when the SSD reports an error with the SMART attribute B8h

The SSD shows an error with the SMART attribute B8h. 


The SMART attribute B8h reports the status of the end-to-end data protection feature of the drive. Its normalized value starts at 100. When the drive hits the normalized value of 90, it enters into a pre-fail condition and needs to be replaced.

If the normalized value is in the range of 91 - 99, the drive is not yet in a pre-fail condition but requires monitoring. The following are recommended actions to monitor the drive's status:

  1. Use the Solidigm™ Storage Tool to monitor the drive's status
    1. When an issue is detected, the GUI version shows the message Contact your reseller or local representative for assistance
    2. ​​​T​he CLI version shows that the SMART attribute has failed.
  2. Check the drive's firmware and if available, update it to the the latest version: Latest Firmware for Solidigm™ (formerly Intel®) SSDs

  3. Perform a secure erase: How to Secure Erase a Soldigim™ (formerly Intel®) SSD with the Solidigm™ Storage Tool

If the SSD is already in the pre-fail condition (normalized value of 90), or an error message is shown, contact Solidigm™ Customer Support for further assistance.


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Contact Solidigm™ Customer Support.


Guidance when the SSD reports an error with the SMART attribute B8h